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1991 Diploma in Biology at the University of Hannover (GER), Diplom thesis

ERLINGHAGEN, F. (1991): On the wild bee fauna (Hymenoptera Apoidea) of field borders in the Eifel (Germany) in relation to the blossom visitation spectrum. (In German). (University of Hannover, Department of Biology, Entomology group). Published in: LÜTTMANN, J. (1994): On the importance of field borders regarding the fauna of agricultural landscapes. (In German).Beitr. zur räumlichen Planung, Schriftenr. des FB Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltentwicklung der Universität Hannover, Heft 40.

Research Associate

Importance of field borders as animal habitats and networking elements in the ecosystem of the agricultural landscape (BMFT project, University of Hannover, Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies,Ecology group, Germany)

Honeydew producer in Greece (DAAD, University of Hannover and University of Patras)

Anthropogenic effects on population and community dynamics: I. Changes in the pine forests of the Dübener Heide (Germany) due to air pollution (FE-project, UFZ Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle, Department of Community Ecology, Halle, Germany).

Several botanical studies in Greece (Samos, Korfu, Crete)

Pollen analytical investigations on wild bees (Hymenoptera Apoidea). (Institute of bee research Lower Saxony, Celle, Germany, University of Göttingen, Germany)

Freelance work

Ecological evaluation and landscape planning, projects in several years (e.g. Institute for ecology Lower Saxony - formerly NLÖ -, Institutes for landscape planning in Hannover, GER)

Since 2006
Education in phytotherapy and homeopathy for animals (naturopathic doctor for animals), zertificate in 2009 (Verein deutscher Tierheilpraktiker, VDT)